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Waterless urinal sanitizer service

Waterless urinals are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to flush urinals in the men’s room as each saves an average of 40,000 gallons of water over one year.

However, some waterless urinals trap systems are often a source of odor because the oil-based sealant breaks down and becomes ineffective with cleaning chemicals, water and everyday use.

Citron Hygiene's Waterless Urinal Sanitizer Service solves this problem by using Aqua Trap Technology combined with a specially formulated Gel Sanitizer cartridge that breaks down organic build-up caused by urine. Odors are completely eliminated, leaving the urinal fresh for every restroom user.

Safe, Convenient and Effective
No cross-contamination with touch-free advantage, reducing the spread of bacteria
Gel Sanitizer automatically releases enzymes with each use and does not degrade
Enzymes break down uric acid and scale to eliminate odors
Saves Resources
Eliminates water related damage caused
by fixtures and pipes
Does not require “manufacturer’s recommended” cleaning solution
Reduces water and sewer charges
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Reduces the need for toxic chemicals
Contains natural enzymes that are safe
for the environment
Eases the impact on water treatment plants
Qualifies for LEED Credits
Waterless Urinals help facilities obtain
LEED certification with the U.S Green
Building Council (USGBC)
Meets pre-requisites and credit requirements for Water Conservation
Professionally Serviced and Maintained
Our trained technicians regularly service your Waterless Urinal Sanitizing system to ensure optimum performance
waterless urinal adult
waterless urinal child
LEED CreditsNo-Touch, hands-freeNo-Touch, hands-free