UltrAire Service

Workplace Essentials' Ultraire Service offers a unique fragrance delivery method that leaves areas fresh and welcoming while minimizing carbon footprint impact.

Ultraire’s powerful fragrances also offer maximum coverage to freshen larger areas that call for a specialized air fresh solution.

Efficient Piezo Ultrasonic Fragrance Delivery
Fragrance converts to ultra-fine freshening molecules
Effective and Reliable Performance
Air fresh particles stay airborne up to 2 hours
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Piezo technology allows for a lower VOC formula
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Uses no chemical propellants and is CARB compliant
Fights Fragrance Fatigue
6 unique fragrances on an 8 week rotation with Ultraire Impressions
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Our trained technicians maintain dispensers to ensure optimum performance
Regular, pre-set service schedule
ultraire brownstone
ultraire brownstone mounted
ultraire greystone
ultraire brushed nickel

...protecting yourself by getting low-VOC and DfE compliant air fresheners... will be
protecting those around you – customers, family, friends, children and adults alike...
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