Urinal and Toilet Mat Service

Keeping restrooms safe and sanitary is a constant challenge. Urine spills around the fixtures can be unsafe, unsightly and a source of unpleasant odor.

Citron Hygiene Urinal and Toilet Mat Service offers a simple solution that treats residue
immediately on contact, making the restroom easier to maintain.

Protects Users and Facility
Protects the areas beneath the fixtures from stains and odor producing residue
Maximum absorbency mats safeguard against slip and fall risks
Convenient and Effective Options
Absorbent polypropylene fabric neutralizes bacteria and controls odors
Available in charcoal and brown
Non-slip backing assures that the mats
stay in place
Maximum Protection
Urinal Mat has wide coverage area and tapered foot angles
Toilet Mat is designed to fit around the base of all standard toilets
Protects all floor types from the damaging effects of uric acid
Addresses the Green Initiative green
UniMat is manufactured from
75% recycled content
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Regular, scheduled service customized to suit your needs
Our trained technicians remove, replace and safely dispose of used mats
Textile Urinal Mat
Textile Toilet Mat
EcoMat Urinal Mounted
EcoMat Urinal Mounted

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in the workforce temporarily but they can typically mean workers compensation...
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