Surface Sanitizing Wipes

There are certain surfaces that we would rather not touch until we know they are clean. Shopping cart handles, exercise equipment, office phones, mouse and keyboards are all surfaces that harbor germs.

Citron Hygiene's Surface Sanitizing Wipes allow for instant cleaning of hot-spot areas to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Kills Bacteria On Contact
Cleans and disinfects non-porous surfaces
Specially formulated to kill a broad range
of microorganisms
Non-abrasive, pre-saturated wipes are
alcohol and bleach free
Long-lasting and Effective
Residual antimicrobial activity inhibits
re-growth of microbes long after initial use
EPA registered and meets CDC guidelines
Cost-Saving and Convenient
Large capacity dispenser holds an 800-count roll of wipes for more efficient maintenance
One-at-a time dispensing reduces waste
Simple for You to Install, Refill and Maintain
Replacement Wipes can be purchased through Workplace Essentials
Surface Sanitizing Wipes

...Gyms and fitness centers with their highly trafficked equipment and sweaty customers
touching practically every surface imaginable are perfect environments for germs to thrive...
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