Foam Surface Sanitizer Service

It's amazing how long germs can survive on a surface. The first and most important step in preventing disease-causing bacteria is to thoroughly clean surfaces that people frequently touch.

Citron Hygiene's Foam Surface Sanitizer Service is ideal for cleaning as often as needed with just one wipe.

Simple and Effective
Dispense sanitizer onto a piece of folded
tissue or paper towel and then wipe clean
Be assured that the surface you are about to use will be hygienic and germ free
Eliminates Bacteria on Contact
Approved by USDA for repeated and daily
use on food and non-food contact surfaces
Kills HIV-1, Hepatitis B and C, and
drug-resistant bacterial strains
Prevents cross-contamination on all
non-porous surfaces
Innovative Design
Automatic no-touch or manual operation
Unique delivery system releases the right amount of Surface Sanitizer for each use
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Regular, scheduled service customized to suit your needs
Our trained technicians ensure that units are working to optimum performance
Surface Sanitizer White Auto
Surface Sanitizer Chrome Auto
Surface Sanitizer White Manual
Surface Sanitizer Chrome Manual five most germ-contaminated areas in the workplace... Phone, Desktop Computer,
Water fountains (bubblers and push bars), Microwave handles, Keyboard...
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No-touch, hands-free