Citron Hygiene's Sharps Collection & Disposal Service protects employees, customers and facility maintenance staff from the serious health risks caused by the improper disposal of used needles. Anyone may have exposure to bloodborne pathogens through a needle stick accident which can be devastating for both the injured party and the affected business.

Safeguards from Hazardous Waste
Puncture resistant collection insert
One way use eliminates exposure

Addresses the Green Initiative green
Collection insert is made of recycled materials
Meets NIOSH/CDC and OSHA guidelines
“Cradle to Grave” mandatory compliance
Manifest tracking through to final disposal
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Regular scheduled service to suit your needs
Sharps Collection

...There is a need, however small, for facilities and businesses to have access
to a Sharps container that meets OSHA guidelines and keeps everyone safe ...

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