Toilet Seat Covers and Dispenser

Added protection brings peace of mind, especially when using the restroom. However excessive amounts of toilet paper used to line the seat can cause clogged drains.

Citron Hygiene's Toilet Seat Covers and Dispenser is a convenient, simple to use alternative that provides the protection and reassurance that you need when using the restroom.

Protects Users and Facility
Provides a physical barrier against germs, bacteria and viruses
Prevents drain blockages caused by inappropriate use of paper used to line the toilet seat
Convenient and Innovative Design
Convenient perforated flap for easy positioning
on the seat
When flushed, the cover is dragged into
the bowl, where it quickly dissolves
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Toilet seat covers are biodegradable and septic safe
Simple for You to Install, Refill and Maintain
Replacement covers can be purchased through Workplace Essentials
Seat Cover White Pull Out
Seat Cover White
Seat Cover Chrome Wall Mounted
Seat Cover Chrome

...The number one reason for excessive toilet paper being flushed and clogging drains
is that public toilets are seen as unsanitary...
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