Sanitary NAPKIN AND TAMPON Vending Service

Sometimes the unexpected happens at the most inopportune moments and, while we should be prepared, often we simply are not. When a feminine emergency arises, providing an easy access solution in your facility is vital.

Workplace Essentials' Sanitary Vending Service ensures a reliable, convenient supply of napkins and tampons for employees and customers 24/7.

Convenient and Easy to Use
Choice of two napkins or two tampons per box
Easy to use, pull-drawer dispenses products
Innovative and Sturdy Design
Made from non-corrosive steel with durable powder coated finish and vinyl graphic design
Strong die cast mechanical coin mechanism
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Packaging made from recycled paper
No batteries required to operate
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Regular, scheduled service customized to suit your needs
Our trained technicians maintain the machine to ensure optimum performance
sanitary vending machine gray
sanitary vending machine white

...for female employees, searching for a tampon or napkin in an emergency
while at work can take more time than many people think...
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ADA Compliantrecycled for reuse