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Essential Elements for the Ideal Workplace

Citron Hygiene's quality products and services are created to meet your facilities and restroom hygiene needs. Our eco-friendly products are visually appealing, unobtrusive and will complement any restroom style and decor.

So, if you are looking for green alternatives and convenience in your workplace, we’ve got you covered. See how our fresh approach to restroom hygiene will work for you.

Sanirtary Disposal Sanitary Vending Service Freshaire EcoDri Automatic Hand Dryer Foam Hand Soap Auto Faucet Service Auto Faucet Service Foam Hand Soap EcoDrain Service Inline Sanitizers and Auto Flush Toilet Seat Covers and Dispenser

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Good Hygiene in the Workplace is BUILDING HEALTHY SPACES

Starting with:
Eliminating germ hot-spots
Reducing the risk of cross-contamination
Maintaining safe, clean and sanitary facilities
Encouraging proper hygiene

Citron Hygiene's products are combined with a service program that is unique to each facility and scheduled to ensure they are maintained for optimum performance.