EcoAire Service

Even the cleanest facilities are prone to odors, and ensuring good air quality is essential to promoting a healthy environment for all. Our EcoAire Service offers an effective solution.

Hydrogen-based Fragrances and Neutralizer
Eliminates odors without masking them
Targets odor with or without a fragrance
Effective coverage
Continuous odor control 24/7
Effectively freshens with natural air flow
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Recyclable components and no batteries
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Maintained for optimum performance
Serviced on a pre-set schedule
Ecoaire White
Ecoaire Satin Nickel
Ecoaire Black

...protecting yourself by getting low-VOC and DfE compliant air fresheners... will be
protecting those around you – customers, family, friends, children and adults alike...
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Low VOCbatteries recycled