EcoDrain Service

Organic build-up in restroom floor drains, mop and utility sinks is nothing new and neither is the unpleasant odor that follows.

Citron Hygiene's EcoDrain Service treats drains by eliminating bacteria and odor naturally. This reduces the use of toxic chemicals in the workplace and safeguards people and the environment.

Safe and Effective
Formula is non-corrosive and non-inflammable
Non-toxic and septic safe
Emits a fresh lemon scent
Addresses the Green Initiative green
Safe for the environment, enzymes provide a natural and reliable solution
Four active strains of Bacillus microorganisms
Bacillus lichenformis
Bacillus amyloliquefaciensß
Bacillus pasteurii
Bacillus laevolacticus
Professionally Maintained
Our trained technicians provide service on a pre-determined and regular schedule
EcoDrain Service

...The use of natural enzymes versus harsh chemicals is a far better alternative for
the environment and your piping systems...
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