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Aromaire Service

Citron Hygiene's Aromaire Passive is like a breath of fresh air and totally "green". Delivering a powerful consistent freshness through air circulation and without batteries. The service is combined with a total recycling program, where the refills are re-manufactured for reuse, making Aromaire Passive the most eco-friendly air fresh service available.

Freshens with air circulation
“Sunshine” fragrance emits a fresh and breezy tropical scent
No batteries required
Effective and Reliable Performance
Eliminates odors consistently throughout the service interval
Dispensers' concealed tamper-proof lock protects against vandalism
Addresses the Green Initiative green product
Used refills are 100% recycled and
re-manufactured for reuse
Professionally Installed and Maintained
Our trained technicians install and maintain to ensure optimum performance
Regular, pre-set service schedule
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ADA Compliant serviceAll batteries recycled